With soaring technological advancements, facilities for instant messaging and real time assistance, voice interactions alone may not be enough to solve a specific customer problem or increase online conversation rates.
UNFYD®COLLAB or, so to be specific, UNFYD® Collaborative Browsing, in the context of any web browsing, is a joint navigation technique which enables interaction through controlling a web page, typically by the enterprise, of the customer who is facing an issue. Co-browse is a unique software-enabled technique that allows an enterprise to interact with a customer by viewing / controlling the customer's web browser to walk them through certain complex transactions, demos, onboarding, addressing grievances, etc.
UNFYD® Collaborative Browsing is the industry's most advanced co-browsing and web collaboration solution for lead acquisition & customer service. It is an easy and secure product to see your customer's browser and take control remotely to guide them, instantly, without the hassle of any downloads.


Enables web collaboration between business experts and customer to resolve issues and queries quickly, efficiently

Pre-integrated video chat that allows agents to speak with their customers and explain each step they are going through

Ensures customer data privacy by restricting agent to access only the customers current browser page and authorizes customer to deny the access at any point of time

Enables two-way interaction where agent can take control of the customer’s screen or contrariwise Delivers real-time assisted guidance that leads to increase in online conversions and customer satisfaction