Increasingly, CRM platforms support social media channels so that customers can interact with businesses via their preferred communication channels into the CRM platforms. Social CRM is the integration of social media channels into Customer Relationship Management platforms. But, UNFYD®TALK is a simplified version way above the entire social CRM mechanism. UNFYD®TALK is a multi-channel social interaction platform which easily enables the customers to communicate with their respective service providers as per their convenience using the channel of their choice (Customer Front Door). Consumers expect to be able to move easily between channels of communication and for the service providers to respond promptly and personally. If the customer has a query, any point in time, while browsing through a web page, brand social media handle or messenger, they can instantly reach via messaging capability integrated to UNFYD®TALK.


Personalized expert assistance for customers in real time for requests, queries and complaints

Allows customers to engage across various channels of their choice without waiting in queue

Empowers agents with access to previous customer interaction history to respond customer faster and utilize data for focused assistance

Enables resource optimisation by providing multiple chat windows for single resource and enriching the resource skills