LINK is an automated case management and ticketing tools for business. It seamlessly integrates with other modules to enhance workflow/business process across various operations.
UNFYD®LINK is a smart solution that quickly analyses and routes issues, so business agents can do their best work, while their customers can get answers in record time.
With UNFYD®LINK businesses can provide their customers quality service, real-time support, and easy-to-use productivity tools for agents; a system that provides an opportunity to grow their business and take on new challenges.


Creates and routes tickets of customer complaints coming from various channels

Enables configuration of business rules to take appropriate actions, escalation management to handle cases professionally

Integrates seamlessly with any available CRM to and handle cases in a more focused manner

Executes help desk automation allowing agents log requests, update and manage ad-hoc request with ease

Tracks every ticket from reception to completion, and then log the data to improve future communications.

Efficiently sorts, classifies, and flags incoming items depending on the issue