Unlike other BI tools UNFYD®INSIGHT is not only capable to help business turn data into actionable INSIGHT but it also helps business increase their understanding over the forces shaping the market and businesses.
UNFYD®INSIGHT helps to facilitate effective acquiring, processing and analysing vast amounts of data that comes from different and dispersed sources.
It simplifies the tracking and monitoring of business operations and constantly updates about competitors, customer trends and potential markets. It allows visualisation of various operations


Drives efficiency in operations by measuring data from website, apps, digital channels

Executes insightful information from customer data, further highlighting unique selling points that business can promote to enhance leads.

Visualizes end to end data analytics 7businesses anywhere anytime and allows to take advantage of rich domain content

Predict future behaviour of prospects, customers and the micro economy with greater accuracy and timeliness

Effectively measure, the key performance indicator (KPI) which in turn helps in effective decision making