UNFYD®CAI is a conversational AI platform led on NLP & ML capabilities. It enables a human like conversation interface between the business and customers by understanding the context of a conversation in multiple languages. It is powered by Knowledge base repository to identify the intent of a question of customer to provide an accurate first response and deliver end-2-end self-service to customers. Likewise, it is omni capable and converses seamlessly across every channel and retains data and context for a seamless experience. It has advanced conversational capabilities and can proactively seek out information and can also ask clarifying questions to customers even if the conversation isn’t linear.


Infers intent and context of the conversation intelligently for accurate responses

Capable to perform complex reasoning without human intervention

Delivers a personalized human experience to customers and escalates to a live-agent when necessary

Understands and identifies patterns basis past data, current trends & business logic to resolve common customer requests

Enables multichannel consistency for business and works intelligently throughout on the deployed channels