UNFYD®BUZZ is a social media and content management platform created for the convenience of our customers (and potential customers). Our interface takes the form of a dashboard and presents various digital functionalities to track the performance of any brand. The dashboard supports and enhances social network integrations like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.
UNFYD®BUZZ offers a unique opportunity to track the sentiments of different comments/posts shared by people over various digital platforms.
Recognizing the fact that numerous brands fail to manage multiple social media platforms and respond to different queries directed to them, we have taken an opportunity to create a platform which organizes social media network as a single conglomerate. UNFYD®BUZZ not only enables one to view and organize social platforms, but also generates consolidated reports with complete social media analytics, with respect to any positive or negative mention of a brand that's under purview.


Capture content through real time listening and monitoring capability by integrating with various social media channels

Executes social media and web crawling to track and collate chatter across social media and the web about the business brand that helps in planning further actions

Performs sentiment tagging to posts, comments, tweets, articles etc across social channels related to brand or markets and allows business take counter actions accordingly

Bestows social insights with respect to business relevance driven dashboards

Enables brand management basis keyword analytics with end to end customer view